The Costain 21 Club

About the Costain 21 Club

The Costain 21 Club enables employees and former employees of the Costain Group to keep in touch with colleagues in the UK and around the world. Members of the Club may still be working with Costain or be working with other companies or be retired.

Information and updates are provided and exchanged through the Club website, by email, blogs and a bi-annual Newsletter.

There are currently approximately 650 members. The Club maintains a contact list of all members, receives updates on members’ activities and arranges a variety of annual events. It also provides updates on developments within the company.

Being a member of the 21 Club has many benefits including:

  • Book onto upcoming 21 Club events
  • Find other members of the 21 Club
  • Keep up to date with Costain news

Examples of 21 Club events

Event photo

Annual Dinners

The “flagship” event, held at the Kennington Oval. Attendance is usually a bit below 200, representing all areas and levels of the company. It is not unusual for first-time attendees to regret that they have not attended previously!

Event photo

Major project visits

This is an opportunity to visit major Costain projects. Previous trips have included a visit to the London Bridge site and the Crossrail project in London. These events include a social gathering taking place nearby afterwards.

Event photo

Golf days

An informal event, held in recent years at the Maidenhead Golf Club. This is a very sociable day and is a great way to get to know other 21 Club members.

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Summer outings

Every summer the 21 Club arranges a summer outing. These are very popular events with all ages from toddlers to grandparents coming along. Recent destinations have included a boat trip to the Thames Barrier, a tour of Oxford colleges and a trip to Bletchley Park.

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Autumn gatherings

The autumn gatherings are relaxed evening events which provide an informal opportunity to meet friends and old colleagues over drinks and a light meal.

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Northern gatherings

An opportunity for those in the north of England to meet up socially.

Frequently asked questions

As the name implies, eligibility was originally after twenty-one years' service! However to reflect the realities of today's career profiles this has been reduced to fifteen years' service.

Staff who have worked for companies that have been acquired by Costain also need to have had fifteen years’ service, at least two of which must be post-acquisition.

There are currently approximately 650 members. The Club maintains a contact list for all members.

There is a single Life Membership fee of £35.

Sir Albert Costain Memorial Awards

These awards were established some decades ago by the 21 Club in memory of Sir Albert Costain, a grandson of Richard Costain (the founder of the company) and a Group director. He was also a founding member of the 21 Club back in 1954. Sir Albert was passionate about education, training and career development.

The 21 Club established the Sir Albert Costain Memorial Awards (SACMA) to encourage and recognise the achievements of trainees of all disciplines. This now includes graduates, apprentices and trainees, so keeping the ethos of Sir Albert alive in an up to date context.

There are three award winners each year, selected by a panel from the Club committee from nominations submitted by Company employees and line managers. The prize for each winner is a certificate and a cheque. The awards are presented to the winners by the Group CEO at the Club's Annual Dinner.

How to join the 21 Club

Contact the 21 Club Membership Secretary

By post

21 Club Secretary, Costain House, Vanwall Business Park,
Maidenhead, SL6 4UB

By phone
07920 712316