Sir Albert Costain Memorial Awards 2021

The highly-deserving SACMA winners in 2021 were Sanna Shabir, Mackenzie Pearson and Mikaela Weyer.

Sanna Shabir

Sanna joined Tideway East in September 2018 as an Apprentice Civil Engineer. Her nominator said, 
“She has gained experience, confidence and technical knowledge always seeking to learn and being highly adaptive. This alone already makes a good engineer, but what makes Sanna a great Engineer is the fact she managed to do all that while pursuing and excelling at her studies, recently achieving a first-class honours degree in Civil Engineering”.
Although she is the most junior person working on the CSO team, she is a born leader.
A supervisors said “Sanna has created a fantastic environment on site where productivity, passion, respect and team spirt are clearly visible.
Sanna also has excellent commercial acumen – well above the level that I would expect for an apprentice civil engineer.
Sanna’s achievements have been recognised by the client at Tideway when they selected her for the Emerging Talent Award for Tideway’s International Women’s Day.

Mackenzie Pearson

Having studied criminology, law and media for A-level, Mackenzie was considering career options and saw an opportunity to join Costain on the Level 3 SHE Technician Apprenticeship.
Since joining Costain in September 2020 Mackenzie has been involved in assisting investigations of high potential incidents. She has taken steps out of her comfort zone presenting safety briefings to day and night shift operatives.
This helped Makenzie gain more confidence for presentation and public speaking which has positively contributed to her college exams where Mackenzie will take part in a professional discussion.
Mackenzie’s college progress has been exceptional.
Mackenzie is also part of the Costain SHE Academy. In the current group, Mackenzie is the only apprentice with the rest of the Academy being Graduates. She contributes to group work on par with the rest of the group.
In addition to excelling in Costain, Mackenzie is keen to have an impact in wider industry, she joined the National Association of Women in Construction aiming to positively contribute in inspiring women to become involved within the construction industry. She has featured in a NAWIC publication in Q1 2021 and, as part of National Apprenticeships Week, Mackenzie has also featured in an article in the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) publication, - both promoting Costain and the apprenticeship scheme.

Mikaela Weyer

Since starting in 2020 as a Graduate Environmental Advisor, Mikaela has helped drive for the environment team to be an integrated and valued part of the Tideway Project. Her enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring those around her to engage with the sustainability aspects of the works.
Mikaela won the latest Safety Value award for the Tideway East Value awards.
Mikaela has attended several interviews with external stakeholders, eg the Construction Leadership Council where she showcased some brilliant achievements delivered by the whole Tideway team.
Mikaela has led a behavioural improvement plan aiming to reduce plant idling on site. This has been successfully driven by engaging with the supply chain. It has included presenting data to site leadership as well as delivering training to the operatives. 
Mikaela not only ensures that Costain’s and the Tideway East contract’s environmental management system is maintained at a very high standard, but she also seeks continual improvement in our sustainability and management performance within the business.
Mikaela is the Chair for the SHE Academy which is a vital role in the Graduate community, she helps to define the technical learning for the community and also ensures that the graduates are exposed to different sectors.

Sanna Shabir with Alex Vaughan awaiting her presentation

MacKenzie Pearson with Alex Vaughan and her certificate and cheque

Mikaela Weyer with Alex Vaughan and her certificate and cheque

The 2021 SACMA winners with the 2020 winners (who missed out in 2020 when the dinner was cancelled) with Gary Mills, Alex Vaughan, Peter Costain and Alistair Handford

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